The Foursquare Gospel Church Malaysia

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Hebrews 13:8
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Rev. Joshua Wong, the founder of Foursquare Malaysia incorporated Lighthouse Foursquare Fellowship (M) Bhd on 12th November.


On 8th October 1985, Lighthouse Foursquare Fellowship changed its name to The Foursquare Gospel Church Bhd

Rev. Joshua Wong served as the Chairman of Foursquare Malaysia until the late 1980’s.


Rev. Mason Hughes appointed Dr. James Supayah as the new chairman of Foursquare Malaysia. The Foursquare works among the Chinese community diminished and continued solely among Dr. Supayah’s Tamil church in Johore Bahru until the late 1990’s.

1993 – 1994

FMI Missionaries George & Joyce Butron moved to Kuala Lumpur to establish new pioneer works in Malaysia.


Foursquare Missions International purchased a two-storey building in Johore Bahru for The Foursquare Gospel Church of Malaysia. The building is since been used as a meeting place for The Family Healing Centre founded by Dr. James Supayah.

FMI Deployed Michael & Jannie Stubbs with their daughter Jenica from Kansas USA to Penang to establish new contacts and partner in planting new churches.



Growth began to take place again in The Foursquare Gospel Church of Malaysia. In September, Rivers of Water of Bukit Mertajam and Vision Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur, affiliated with The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in ceremonies performed by the U.S. Director of Missions, Rev. Michael Larkin and the Asia/Pacific Regional Director Rev. John Watson.



June 2001

2 churches were planted by Rivers of Water Bukit Mertajam.

  1. The Foursquare Gospel Church Kota Permai
  2.  Rivers of Water Chinese church were planted by Rivers of Water.

October 2001

Shekinah Community Centre Ipoh joined Foursquare.


March 2002

  1. The first Foursquare National Conference was held in Genting Highlands.
  2. A new National Board was established.
  3. Rivers of Water (Tamil) Penang were planted.
  4. Penang Harvest joined Foursquare.
  5. The National office was setup in Ipoh.

May 2002

  1. Shekinah Community Centre Ipoh planted The Foursquare Gospel Church USJ in Selangor and Shekinah Community Centre (Tamil) in First Garden, Ipoh.


1. Calvary Glory an English speaking church in Kuala Lumpur joined Foursquare.

2. Shekinah Community Centre planted another church in Ipoh

    - Shekinah Community Centre,  Pengkalan (Chinese)

3. The 2nd National Conference & 3rd Credential Service was held in Cameron Highlands. A total of 108 delegates turned up for the conference.



ECFC conference held in Malaysia for the first time. Total of 404 delegates attended the conference in Penang.


1. A youth church, The Foursquare Gospel, U-Turn was planted.

2. Two churches under the leadership of Rev. David Chee joined Foursquare in October.


Revs. Drs. Don & Angelina Boots from Western Australia Foursquare, Training Leaders to Train Leaders.

Shekinah Community Centre planted another four churches.

1. Shekinah Community Centre, Batu Gajah

2. Shekinah Community Centre, Sungai Siput

3. Shekinah Community Centre, Sungai Petani

4. Shekinah Community Centre, Gunung Rapat


1. 4th National Conference was held in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

2. Hosted the 1st Foursquare South East Asia Leaders Meeting in Ipoh.

3. Co-organized the 1st Foursquare Chinese International Conference in Taiwan.

4. 1st Chinese National Conference was held in Cameron Highlands.


4 New Churches was planted.

1.  Shekinah Community Centre, Jalan Labrooy

2.  Church of Messiah, Nibong Tebal

3.  Regent Christian Centre, Kuala Lumpur

4.  Life Impacting Church Sandakan, Sabah.


1 New Church was planted.

1.  Victory International Fellowship, Bandar Utama, Selangor


New Churches joined Foursquare Malaysia.

1. Shekinah Glory, Tapah
2. Bethil Levitic, Menglembu
3. Bethil Levitic, Lanchang
4. Bethil Levitic, Bentong
5. Rivers of Water, Tamil (BM)
6. Christian Life Centre (Tamil)

2012 Statistics

Total Churches: 38, Total Members: 1623, Total Ministers: 54

2013 Statistics

Total Churches: 38, Total Members: 1704, Total Ministers: 50

2014 Statistics

Total Churches: 38, Total Members: 1674, Total Ministers: 54

2015 Statistics

Total Churches: 36, Total Members: 1775, Total Ministers: 53

2016 Statistics

Total Churches: 37, Total Members: 1767, Total Ministers: 77

2017 Statistics

Total Churches: 39, Total Members: 1771, Total Ministers: 126

2018 Statistics

Total Churches: 42, Total Members: 2408, Total Ministers: 126

2019 Statistics

Total Churches: 44, Total Members: 2922, Total Ministers: 117

2020 Statistics

Total Churches: 46, Total Members: 2482, Total Ministers: 118


"We are his house, built on the foundation of the apostles and the prophets. 
And the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself."
-  Ephesians 2:20 NLT  -